Call of the Divine GOD

It’s been very long that we must have been seeking as to what the will of GOD is in our lives. It is really hard to find out what we are to do for the LORD. Most of the times we make an error that GOD can use us if we are more talented, influential and educated. We think that every good activity we do is in the acceptance with the goodness of GOD. We can be what we want to be, live a very good life as a Christian here on earth but in eternity there is nothing for us except the salvation. What about the robe of righteousness which is good works of the saints as described in the Revelations? We can go on doing our will missing GOD’s will not having  big rewards in heaven. If everything is going on happily for us with no prayer and word listening then something is seriously wrong with our Christian life. Are the happiness outcome of compromises with the people of this world? Then we are missing lot of important things that GOD have prepared for us to his calling. Yes we may be liked by many, earn respects, do parties and other funny stuffs but deep down in our hearts we know something is missing out.

The only way to know the calling of GOD is to be led by the Spirit of GOD. GOD will always call each and every one of us but it is up to us to be chosen through our responds to GOD’s calling and to remain faithful to HIS calling. Of course many are called, few are chosen and still few are faithful. What is faithfulness? Faithfulness is doing as GOD wants us to do in terms of our responsibility and duty. More over we have to be faithful as Moses was in all the GOD’s house. How can we be faithful in all GOD’s household? Doing and completing our responsibility and duty towards GOD’s people and our neighbors with love and humbleness can make us faithful in GOD’s all household. Faithfulness is the fruit of the Spirit and not our ability. GOD will not recognize our ability on the day of judgment but how much fruit of the Spirit we have yielded will be more recognized. It may be 30, 60,100 fold and ripe. Be careful this ascending numbers states the maturity of the fruits of the Spirit in orderly way with proper stages of growth in the fruits of the Spirit. We can’t suddenly produce 100 fold of fruits of the Spirit without producing 30 and 60 first to be completely ripe. It is the same with the fruit trees of this world. If we do not produce these fruits of the spirit then we are not living as GOD has called us to be in the heavenly service of the gospel. Every one of us are responsible to gospel outreach.

The Spirit’s fruits are produced mainly in three ways:

  • Guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Word of GOD
  • Repenting, Prayer and Fasting

In addition to the fruits of the Spirit the supernatural manifestations should be carried out from our lives which is explained as the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Without driving out demons, speaking in tongues, healing the sick, miracles, signs, wonders, visions, dreams, prophecy etc the gospel is incomplete. Jesus went through out the Israel with gospel accompanied by this manifestations. If we as the sons of GOD are unable to bear these supernatural manifestations then Devil’s become more stronger than us. In other terms our authority is too small due to lack of Holy Spirit’s guidance, Word, Repentance, prayer and fasting. We should know faith is the gift of GOD. We can increase our faith by praying,”LORD increase our faith” just as disciples requested to Jesus. Only GOD can increase our true faith accompanied by works of supernatural manifestations. Only GOD can increase the fruits. The fruits, gifts, services and works are very important thing.  Workers are Apostles,prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists. Only GOD can select the workers to his ministry for the gospel.These can be accomplished only through Holy Spirit’s guidance, Word of GOD, repentance, prayer and fasting in full measure.  Services are elders, leaders, deacons, missionary, charity which is based on some qualifications such as holiness, scripture knowledge, service to the family, reputation in the community etc.

So as a calling of God what is our works and services? Have we responded to GOD to HIS divine calling? Are we faithful enough to produce the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are we holy enough to accompany our faith with the signs and wonders, powers and miracles, deliverance and healing through Guidance of the Spirit, Word of GOD, Repentance, Prayer and Fasting.


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