Missionary Explorer David Livingstone put an end to Africa’s slavery

Missionary Explorer David Livingstone

Missionary Explorer David Livingstone

It is no wonder why the majority of the people in various continents around the world blame Christianity for the slavery. It is not the religion that enforced slavery. It has been in practice long since the first century BC. Slavery was the buying and selling of humans for the purpose of fulfilling the industrial works since long back in the history. Moreover the losing countries and tribesman had to surrender to serve the victor countries and tribesman as slaves.

It is very painful to see the misconception of the religious conscious people blaming Christianity for the slavery of their natives. Africa was once a slave source for the European and Mid-East countries. The African tribesmen themselves had war with each other. Portuguese slave traders were the most ferocious traders of human trafficking of African nationals. Surprisingly African tribes do not have the hero of their own to bring them freedom from slavery.

The history points to great explorer as the pioneer of contribution in freeing Africa from slavery. This explorer was David Livingstone who had come to explore Africa in the consent of London government. It was he who named the Victoria Falls under the name of the Queen of Britain. He explored much of Africa but witnessed heavy human trafficking by the Portuguese and  Mid-East nations involved in imposing the slavery to their countries. He being dedicated Christian decided to end the slavery in Africa and during his exploring of the African continent he made many false reports to his government in Britain to prolong his days in Africa. He walked the African continent and made his exploring adventure success with the steam boat. Many of his acquaintances died of malaria and serious illness but he thrived. He also missed his wife and children back in Scotland while he traveled. He spent much of his time with African people fighting against the slavery. He preferred to call himself Missionary explorer and taught the people of Africa much of Christianity and freedom.

On his death people of Africa hung him on a tree for days. They brought him down and embalm him. They planned to take his coffin to London. Many bearers died on the way but many did not leave bearing him until the end. One of the young African followed the coffin till it reached Great Britain.

People of London were astonished by this incident.  By  the time David Livingstone died he was already popular in Europe because of his published reports of his explore in Africa. Queen of England being aware as to why David Livingstone had been so long in Africa for the purpose to end the slavery planned that Britain should play the vital role in ending slavery in Africa. The dead body of David Livingstone was taken back to Africa for the burial due to the love of African people.  She sent the envoys and soldiers in Africa to deal with the Portuguese and Mid-East slave traders to put an end the slavery. Consequently slavery came to and end. Various regional tribes came to form their own treaties and divided the land among themselves making the countries for themselves resulting in the stoppage of tribal wars. Today Africa is slavery free and have their own independent countries. The literate African person at this modern age will not forget David Livingstone if he has much knowledge about the history of the freedom in his continent.

Today Scotland has 10 pounds note with the image of Missionary Explorer David Livingstone imprinted to remember his contribution in ending the slavery of Africans.


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