The Entity: Evil Spirits haunting the people at night


Casting the entity out in the name of Jesus Christ

Today in this modern age the experience of  entity is common as it was in the ancient times.  The understanding of entity is totally different from the view-point of the victim of entity and the scientists of the modern era.  The entity attacks the person while they are asleep in bed and at other times. There is hell lot of paranormal activities and Hollywood horror movies and documentaries just bring them to life. Remember that most of the horror movies are inspired by true paranormal occurrences.

The scientists and doctors describe this phenomenon as sleep paralysis in which person is half awake and half asleep. During this time the victim is dreaming while he is awake. So according to science the experience is merely out of patience fear which led the victim to be paralyzed for a short moment and see horror figures and activities.  During this time the victims have a rapid eye movement and fear in their hearts. The victim cannot speak and do not have any idea what they have to do. The entity is recognized as a physical process than person that attacks the victims by scientist, doctors and psychologists. But the entity attack is beyond bed, sleep and awake.

The victims suffering from the entity attack describe their condition in a more different way. They wake up suddenly from sleep and experience the presence of some unknown figures which is mostly ghostly in experience. Victims witness that these figures torment them with the great force  making the victim difficult to breathe, talk and move. The victims can clearly see the face, dress, forms of these unknown person and ugly appearances. The attacks of the entity ranges from promiscuous sexual acts, attacking hands, legs, breasts, head and anywhere in the body. The entity also can rattle the bed or throw the victim from the bed to injure. Scientist, doctors and their devices can’t help them to realize what they experience and hence the problem is unsolved. The entity still remains mystery to doctor, scientist and inexperienced people.


The haunted houses are usually old construction with dark rooms

The entity attack is beyond night and sleeping moments.  The old houses, castles, buildings, cottages etc have been recorded as  haunted by the spirits of suicide victims, occult practitioners, magicians, murders, witches, wizards, fortune tellers, sorcerers etc. It has been witnessed that the spirits of these dead people live in the house making their territory. The person buying the houses of such dead people have frequently left those houses when they experienced supernatural evil and frightful moments. Some victims even see those spirits. The spirits can harm the victims in a serious way. The people renting a room of those dead people were reported of being haunted by their spirits. The noises come, electronic bulbs are turned on itself, TV sets are turned on, gas stove is on, the window and doors open and close on its own. When victims realize the cause of this event and the history of those seen spirits,they are taken aback with fear. The houses where torture, bloodshed, magic, occult, murder etc had been practiced in the past were the houses that were found more haunted by the entity. The most shocking event is that even when the people moved from their haunted houses were  followed by the evil spirit to the next place where they reside.This process does not involve rapid eye movements, paralysis, dumbness, weakness etc during sleeping hours. These are the checkpoints where scientists, doctors, psychologists and their devices fail to provide cure for the victims of entity because it is beyond their knowledge and experience. It needs a different dimension to be understood completely.

The entity attack is completely spiritual dimension and it can be dealt only with spiritual aspects.  It was found that most of the people who believed Jesus Christ were free from this attack. The evil spirits fear HIS  name but it needs faith to work. A believer in Christ  have the authority to drive these spirits from the house, person, animals and objects. So there is a cure in spiritualism that is pure. Jesus during his ministry on earth lived HIS life casting out evil spirits from the body of the demon possessed people. HE is the same today and tomorrow as HE was during his ministry. The person having an entity attack can refer to Bible, read it, believe in Jesus and pray in the name of Jesus commanding those tormenting evil spirits to be cast out from house, objects and from the human body as well. Humans can have authority over the evil spirits, demons, devils and Satan only in the name of Jesus Christ. Christians around the world are practicing this authority in Christ Jesus. The entity can recognize the faithful servant of Christ from distance, tremble, be cast out and run away.

Around the whole globe thousands and millions of people are experiencing the deliverance from the entity attack in the name of Jesus Christ and rendering their service to Christ Jesus proclaiming the gospel of peace,love, mercy, redemption and salvation.

note: you can refer to: for other paranormal activities


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