2 minutes story: The DOVE

And the Holy Spirit descended on HIM in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son,whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” Luke 3:22


The LAMB and the LION is CHRIST, the DOVE is HOLY SPIRIT and CHRIST is crucified on the CROSS

There was a DOVE who descended from Heavenly King’s place to His SON prince LAMB’s body on earth. He guided the LAMB in the wilderness of the Wold. He shared a good fellowship with the LAMB during the times of both sorrow and happiness. Whatever LAMB commanded HIM to do HE did it. He healed the sick, cleansed the leper, gave dreams and visions to all young, old and hopeless, drove out the demons, proclaimed gospel to the poor, sanctified the lepers and sinners, condemned world of righteousness, judgement and sin, made blind see, lame walk, dead rise and so many other wonderful things. Whenever the LAMB wanted to pray to HIS FATHER, the DOVE carried the messages from the SON to the FATHER and from FATHER to the SON.

However some bandits of the world the wolves wanted to kill the LAMB because the LAMB was pure and holy. So they made HIM carry the CROSS and crucified the LAMB on the CROSS. The body of LAMB was badly hurt with punches, scourged, lashed 39 times, hands and legs pierced with the nails and stomach pierced with the spears. HE was mocked and the DOVE inside the body of LAMB was safe but was filled with grief and tears for the LAMB and wanted to help. After the death of the LAMB the DOVE shared HIS life with the LAMB with warmth and after three days from the grave resurrected the LAMB with HIS warm Power. The LAMB wanted to stay 40 more days in the world with the people whom HE had saved and healed to share this same fellowship in the DOVE. After 40 days the LAMB promised HIS people whom HE would sent the same DOVE to stay in their bodies so that they would experience the same resurrection to life.

Then suddenly the DOVE carried the LAMB with HIS wings and flew above the clouds, skies, space and took HIM to the right hand side of FATHER’s throne. When LAMB sat beside HIS FATHER HE became a LION KING of all creatures and universe. However DOVE had to come back again to the people of LAMB and FATHER to guide HIS people towards salvation and redemption with omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence to take them back to FATHER when the SON LION KING would come to judge the disobedient bandits and wolves and take his fellow people through resurrection of life in DOVE to eternity.


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