Gender Equality: see neither man or woman…both appear same in GODs’ eyes

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)


Male and female can be seen spiritually equal only with GOD’s eyes and not mere knowledge of Bible, human rights and gender rights. Continuous holy walk with Christ only can make us to understand true gender equality. We can never understand Gender equality with worldly knowledge of human rights.

Giving only equal rights among the different race is not equality. Giving equal rights for both man and woman alone is not a gender equality.  There are a lot of human rights issue in this world but it cannot be solved by making constitution giving equal rights to man and woman.

The consequence of giving equal rights to man and woman have led more in to the chaos among the young and old alike. The children have become  disobedient to parents because they do not know what the right means. All the rights made in this world have been misused and somewhere man have used his own ideas and philosophy to create rights.

However Bible has a different perspective. In Christ Jesus there is no male or female but they are one. Only Bible can solve  pride filled human rights created by human thoughts. The Bible’s teaching of equality is the best and it can never go wrong. Bible does not talk about just having rights but also mutual love between man and woman. Man is to love woman as they love themselves and in the same way woman ought to love and respect man as they love and respect themselves.

The most amazing fact of gender equality in Christ is that both male and female are one and similar.

So when a Christian believers  discontinue to grow in faith they will not have the experience of gender equality mentioned in Galatians 3:28. If the Christians really want to experience this equality they have to grow spiritually through the WORD of Christ living a holy life. Some Christians just have knowledge of Bible gender equality and they misunderstand it with their faith. Knowledge is a different thing and faith is a different thing. Even the worldly people have knowledge about Christ but do they really believe HIM?

When a Christian grows up in faith by walking daily with Christ Jesus they  will be able to see male and female in Creators’ perspective. In heaven there is no male or female, both of them look-alike. Creator sees both  as one and similar. There is no male or female. So when the Christians walk with GOD for a long time they will experience the feeling of GOD towards male and female. Enoch, Moses, Elijah and  John the Baptist most probably experienced the feeling of GOD towards the oneness of male and female. Jesus Christ and Moses tasted death but they were perfect and resurrected so could not be under death. Enoch and Elijah did not even taste the death and went straight to heaven. John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit before his birth. SO we can really imagine the magnitude of their spirituality which is completely different from slow-growing Christians. Moses knew so much about God’s kingdom that he maintained to keep quite and not to reveal it all besides the Law to the people of his time. (Deuteronomy 29:29)

If only we get to know the glimpse of GOD’s perfection with our daily walk with Jesus Christ then we would be completely changed forever. Korean Pastor David Youngi Cho during his lecture of tabernacle prayer to Americans shared his experience of male and female. He says that when he was young he was really attracted to females. But Jesus Christ our Lord never experienced this attraction with the females. He says when he grew up spiritually with Christ Jesus after many years in his old age there is no more attraction to females. Both male and female appear similar to him. So we can find even in this era Christians who continually walk with Jesus Christ can know the true meaning of gender equality in Christ. So when apostle Paul says there is no male or female in Christ in Galatians 3:28 he was sharing his faith and experience but not a mere knowledge. This  spiritual thing  can be understood according to persons spirituality. So we can check ourselves where do we stand in terms of prayer, words, holy life just through this check point.

Just reading bible and knowing male and female as one has shortage of faith and experience and seeing male and female as one in GOD’s perspective needs our continuous growth and walk with Jesus with holy life.

The following video will inspire you to holy life.


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