Some Christians are like either Broiler chickens or Local farm chickens

 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who continue to kill the prophets and to stone those who are sent to you! How often I have desired and yearned to gather your children together [around Me], as a hen [gathers] her young under her wings, but you would not! Luke 13:34

Some Christians are like broiler chicken very week although they look fine  outside

Some Christians are like broiler chicken very week although they look fine outside due to no faith

In the world there are people and Christians like broiler chickens. They never incubate with their mother chicken so they do not have any experience of sharing motherly love.They are kept in a room with thousands of other small broiler chickens where they are kept for about 14 -40 days.  There they eat similar food every day and litter the place within the constant brightness of artificial fluorescent lights. They never get proper experience and are not familiar with the natural world. Some of them die because of the body weight they develop in short period with malfunction of the psychological aspects. There is a very bad smell due to the litter around the wide space and many die of bird flu, high temperature, lameness and get easily tired. They lie on breast to eat the food because the legs get broken due to weakness. Consequently they bear the wounds at the breast and they die.

Hence  broiler chickens can be compared to lukewarm and fake Christians who just grow under this-worldly circumstances and die soon because they cannot overcome the world due to lack of love, prayer, faith, worship, offerings, words, fellowship, commitment and service. The littering of broiler is lack of repentance due to which it produces bad smell and at last develops diseases leading to death. They don’t walk in the Spirit but in flesh. Their mother is Satan who does not care them and the providence of this fading world which is just the shadow of the original things in heaven.


Some Christians are like local farm chickens that are really strong and healthy due to faith.

But there are the other group of people and Christians who are like local chickens domesticated and raised in poultry farm. The eggs are incubated by the mother hen and baby chicken get to experience motherly love from the time it is inside the egg. When the chickens are hatched they are provided care, protection and food by the mother hen under its wings. Soon they develop the habit of hunting for their food in the open natural environment making them strong and healthy. They play around with other chickens and develop good relationships. They grow under the heat of the sun, coolness of rain and storm and sheds of trees. They develop strong wings and legs. They are too strong. Some are even able to fly at the time of danger for protection. They litter in the open grounds and do not contact it any more.

Hence local domesticated chickens can be compared to genuine Christians for whom the sun is Christ and they grow under the warmth of his love and fellowship and coolness of heavenly providence. There is continuous fellowship with the fellow believers. They pray, read words, grow in faith, and serve Christ, love and fly high when battling with Satan with enough strength and walk in the Spirit. Their littering is like a good repentance from sin, once they repent they never get them repeated again. They are healthy and so no disease or the power of the sin can over take them. They win the world. Their mother is Christ who cares them and heaven which is the original realm that is so close to them.

On the judgement day Christians like the broiler chickens will be thrown in hell and Christians like local chickens will be accepted in heaven.


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