A new house for the believer……………………..one minute story

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”(Matthew 7:7)

There had been couple who had been middle class for a longtime just dreaming that they would have wonderful house one day. They listened to the sermon on ask and you shall receive of Jesus from some of the neighbor just around their rented rooms. This amazed them to believe asking a  house to Jesus. After they believed they kept on asking house to Jesus but they never had any. Children were born to them but still they prayed long hours for the house.

Some one in their church ask them to believe that they have a house than just to pray. They started believing. Soon there was one famous news on the newspaper. A house haunted by ghosts ready for sale in a relatively cheaper price than the other houses in the city. Many bought it but they soon left the house because it was too haunted both at night and day. These couple wanted a house so badly that they decided to buy this deadly haunted house after it’s price had decreased more. They bought the haunted house. Guess what????? The hunting ghosts stopped hunting the house. They never felt any creepy thing in the house.

The other events remained mystery. Unbelievers never could believe that ghosts had left the house but the Christians around the country solved the mystery easily and gave GOD a heavy praise.


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