3 Days and 3Nights at the belly of lift…..one minute story

Jesus was there in the belly of earth for 3days and 3nights. Jonah was there on the belly of large fish for 3days and 3nights.

Well below is the story of a young man in his mid twenties at the belly of lift in  his apartment for 3days and 3nights in this modern era.

This young man had ceased in praying while he was far from his home country. He forgot to put GOD first in his daily walk. He was living in expensive apartment with good food and rest. But GOD was not done with him. This is what happened.

He returned to his apartment after daily part-time job. He clicked the button of the lift and reached his flat but to his surprise lift  did not open.  Sadly no help was available. The lift had stopped working and did not respond to the keys too. The young man had to be in the lift for 3days and 3nights.

There was no water and food for him for 3 days and 3 nights. On the third day he read the story of Jonah in the Bible from mobile. He prayed and repented. Thanked GOD for chastisement. He found out that his situation was better than that of Jonah since he could interact with people, breathe and read Bible in mobile in the lift. There was lot of hope but he made GOD one and only hope. At mid night the door of the lift opened automatically after the fervent prayer.

The young man believed that just as GOD commanded large fish for Jonah so did GOD command the lift for him. He became afraid of hell due to this small hellish experience. Since then he devoted himself to GOD.


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