GOD’s treat to Noah and his family…………2 minute article

Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. Genesis 9:3

Noah’s Ark and the Flood


After the careful calculation it can be concluded that Noah’s Ark was there in Mt.Ararat for 265 days.Noah’s family was inside the ark for 375 days. They were all crying loudly because they lost all their relatives, neighbors, leaders and friends on the flood. Noah was 601 years old when he stepped out of the Ark. He observed the whole earth was dry from the Mt.Ararat. This sight surely made his eyes shade tears because all was destroyed in the flood. Deep inside his heart he could understand the pain and sorrow that GOD was facing for the destruction. Now he had to walk all the way down from barren Mt. Ararat with his family and beasts. The thought of difficulty in surviving for his family was running in his mind because there were no plant and crops on earth to produce food. With all the grief in mind, he made sacrifice to GOD on the altar with fervent prayer before moving down from Mt.Ararat.

God was pleased and ready to answer his prayer. God made new covenant with him and for the first time allowed humans to have meat as food of which Noah’s family wouldbe the first one. Noah’s whole family was excited, surprised and wonder filled with the new food meat which is still today considered as one of the expensive, nutritious, healthiest and tastiest food on earth. This was new experience, discovery and enjoyment to Noah’s family. Their table was served with regular meat products until there was edible plants, fruits and crops on the face of the earth. Oh! yes and they enjoyed the fish too for sure. Since Noah was the head of the family and the favored one by GOD it is evident he became the first one to thank GOD and taste the meat that was served before his other family members. In other words, GOD gave a great treat to Noah and his family for they had obeyed commands in midst of evil generations.

Noah and his family got more shocked when they saw wild animals, fish and birds hunting and consuming other animals and insects. There was lot of things that was new, refreshing and changes that was brought about my GOD.

By all this Noah surely understood one thing that,” GOD is always the greatest provider for all creatures even if the world suffers greatest doomsday”.

He gives food to every creature. His love endures forever. Psalms 136:25


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