Faith with obedience… miracle… 2minutes article

 As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead. James 2:26

There was a girl student who fell sick when I was there in remote parts of my country.

She suffered from the heart ache. Nobody knew what had really happened to her. She was touching the heart side of her breast with hands because of the pain. She was moving and trembling as she lay on the bed. She could not open her eyes. And she was shouting due to pain in her left chest. Everybody in the room was with panic but I had to do something as soon as possible.

The following were the process I used to make her feel better:

  • I told her to think that she is not suffering from disease and try to fight against the pain in the ribcage and the left chest.
  • I told her to take long breath while breathing. She did it.
  • I told her to open her eyes because her eyes were completely closed as she lay on bed and trembled with the stiff body. She opened the eyes with great effort. she did it.
  • I told her to open her hands because she had made a fist, I told her to spread her legs and sleep in the position that gave her comfort. She did it with some of my helping hands.
  • I gave her some cold water to drink. She drank it.
  • I put handkerchief wet with cold water at her head. She accepted the help.
  • I massaged her hands, legs and head. She was willing to get massaged.
  • I said some silent prayers for her to be healed.
  • We made a phone call to her mother-she was calling out her mother’ while she was suffering from the pain.
  • To my surprise she got healed.
  • We made her to sit on the cool place where the cold air was blowing. She sat in the cool place under the mango tree.
  • By the time her mother arrived she was normal, was able to talk, her pain was gone and she was smiling.

She was sent to home for the sake of doing the medical checkup to confirm the healing. This is something I did for the first time in my life which I thought I would do one day while I was a teenager. I am really happy to help this poor suffering girl. But what would happen if she had not obeyed my instructions?????? As far as in know this was no coincidence. Because I knew the secret of the healing power. The secret lies in faith of both the speaker and hearer. Thank God she believed and she was healed.


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