The dead soil becomes living soil…….this is how humans were made

My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

Psalm 139:15

What is a man? He is a living soil carefully constructed out of the dead soil. The dead soil is not to be under estimated. The dead soil gives capacity for the plants and animals to leave with the help of other essential substance for the living. Consider the plants that sprout in these modern days. When it dies it becomes soil and gas. Consider the animals that move around you today it dies and get converted to soil and gas.

Long before we were created out of soil we were already inside the dead soil i.e. inside the belly of the earth the center of the universal creation. It was human beings that were created at last when animals, plants, mountains, water, day, night and birds along with the air and necessary minerals were created.

King David is no ordinary King. He was king of the kings because he had won many nations who had kings to his service due to defeat. He was also a Jew and the servant of the highest GOD. He never considered himself as king because he knew there was only one KING of the entire creation. It was Jesus. He already had the revelation of Christ when he said in Psalms 110:1, The LORD says to my LORD, ”Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool of your foot”. HE had so much knowledge about Christ that even Disciples of Christ did not know until they were explained about Christ himself. So who was David? He was still a shepherd in his mind although he was a king of Israelites. He tended sheep like a true shepherd; he proclaimed he was a shepherd when the angel of the LORD punished his people when he counted the population of Israel. The writer of Psalms says he looked after the GOD’s people as the true shepherd. He was such a shepherd that he won the great giant Goliath with shepherd’s sling shot and 5 rounded stones. He learnt to be shepherd from the True Shepherd that is Christ because David proclaims in Psalm 23 that The Lord is his Shepherd.

David knew the existence of human being and their purpose. When I read Bible, I find that nobody knows much about human beings than Adam, Eve, Moses and David. The reason I keep David in the list is this. In Psalm139 he tells fully about his making.

The King David gives us about the existence about the humans in following ways.

  1. He declared God as his Creator
  2. He declared that God has a book recording his creation and his unformed body was seen by God’s eyes. God was once just thinking about David and writing about him in the Book.
  3. He declares his frame was made in the secret places when he was woven together in the depths of the Earth. This was the time when he declares that he was fearfully and wonderfully made and he knew that very well.
  4. He declares GOD just created his inmost being and knitted him together in the mother’s womb.
  5. He declares GOD is both in heaven and in depths.

GOD’s mind

From the above points we can refer the creation of Adam in whom we were kept to be reproduced in the right time for the right purpose. Before GOD created Adam and us we were in the minds of GOD and GOD wrote all his thought in a Book. He recorded the way we should be formed and made. GOD already envisions how we were going to be made according to our frame.

Secret places in depths of earth

Before creating humans God created the earth but we were already inside the earth according to point number 3 above. He says he was fearfully and wonderfully made inside the earth’s depth in the secret places somewhere in the depths of the earth. From the depth GOD created first man model Adam and kept all of us inside Adam including first woman Eve. From the account of Bible even creation of Adam and Eve is fearful and wonderful. God creates man out of soil and breathed life in to Adam’s nostril since then we all became living being though we were not born at that time. We must remember that GOD was not working out in the earth with the soil but inside the deep secret places of depths of the earth while creating Adam and us. I am sure devil and angels did not see how we were created after all because it was secretly done in secret places in the depths of the earth. After that GOD makes Eve out of the ribs of Adam by bringing him to deep sleep. How fearful and wonderful is that? We must understand the breath of life is the spirit. So God breathed spirit into Adam and he became a living soul and soil.

Adam and Eve

Now Eve had to be mother of us all human beings but how? When we are inside Adam we are still in the process of being a human in the body. At this time we are very tiny having life (spirit, soul and body) but when he transmits us to Eve we start developing the process of becoming a body ready to be born out of Eve. Inside Eve our inmost being (soul) and body gets knitted together i.e. body starts to develop to house the spirit of us inside the womb. After some months of completion of development a full grown baby gets born.

Outer earth

But we are still in the process of getting developed. So we were only male and female when we were born infants. But we have yet to become toddler, adolescents, adult(man) and old man. The process of formation of human being is not limited to just GOD’s mind, his books, inside the depths of the earth, Adams body and Eve but also outer world in earth’s environment. Until we die it is the just the time of development, learning, knowing, discovery and invention. Until death we are living soil but what happens after death? The body is gone forever….we become living spirits.

These are the reasons that GOD loves man so much because he knows how fearfully and wonderfully HE made man… so fearful and wonderful that GOD made man in HIS image.

What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them? Psalm 8:4



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