Incomplete Dream..

Adapted from the book Walking while DREAMING: Thomas Bogaty

You are in your bed with closed ears, mouth and eyes seeing a dream with the feelings of emotions, moving and reacting with other characters as if you are watching your own super hit blockbuster movies where you are hero while other characters are minor and beautiful scenarios are for essential plot to create a beautiful story that would change the lives of audience with good songs and dialogues during the silent coolness of pleasant dark night where the nature is at its best. The dream was not your creation; it was displayed to you as a most ancient movie already known by the high source of power who has directed it. The director is no other than supreme CREATOR our GOD.

However you are only the audience of your mega blockbuster DREAM.

The story in the dream was going to be over and come at THE END when you feel and hear a loud noise telling you, “Wake up, it’s already morning” with the hands shaking your heads. You soon open your eyes and see your spouse, siblings, children, parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, pets, foes, chirping birds, storms, winds and what so ever around you who have disturbed you from seeing the complete DREAM. You are bothered by them and say, “Why did you wake me up, you disturbed my pleasant dream”. They are least bothered about it for they are not dreamers like you and will shout back at you,” We don’t care about your dream”. This incomplete DREAM leaves you sad for the whole day and you learn a great lesson that you had gone to bed late night and those same people stopped you going to bed early so that you would not be an Early DREAMer snatching the complete dream. You don’t feel like telling this incomplete dream to anyone.

Avoiding incomplete dream:

Be Early Dreamer

“The early bird catcheth the worm.” English Proverb

The Dreamer should be well prepared to walk in a dream that has a complete full meaningful story. The dream is the biggest asset given to all the human beings and this cannot be valued with stupendous money. Once you realize your dream you must start seeing, listening, speaking and walking in your dreams. Delayed obedience is disobedience. Start at the right time. Farmer don’t sow seeds during the night, they do it by day which is the right time for the seeds to sprout. The bird that wakes up at the right time in the early morning catches its prey. Each one of us has thoughts, emotions, skills, talents and heavenly gifts that match up with our purpose and dream. We should use these GOD gifted equipment’s most effectively that cannot be afforded with the monetary bribes. Remember we can’t bribe to get natural gifts. We should handle anything that is materialistic education, profession, services etc with the GOD given gifts, skills and talents which creates comfort to get them with easy efforts. But we should be prepared to use wisely of these gifts at the right time before it’s too late or else we will have to leave earth while we pass away with incomplete dream.

Avoid every people, circumstances and sources that delay you from being Early Dreamer. To be in a dream you have to walk in a dream that is already a complete story. The dream was a word, thought, written, dreamt, heard, felt, spoken, inspiration, realized and discovered in your early stage but now you must decide to walk in the dream, be its character. You got to live the dream. Trust the ONE INVISIBLE who gave you dream and march forward like an Early Dreamer to catch the benefit of the DREAM already available fulfilled with purpose. There is no fear because you know the destiny of your DREAM is good and rewarding.

If I were you I would say,” I eat the dreams” like early birds eat the worms. I sound crazy….so what

Eat the DREAM to have the fuel to live.

And I took the little scroll from the hand of the angel and ate it. It was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it my stomach was made bitter. Reveletion 10:10


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