Interval Dream….

Adapted from the book Walk while DREAMing: Thomas Bogaty
Joseph was not good interpreter of dreams until he became the genuine interpreter of GOD given DREAM to him. Thomas Bogaty
Have you ever experienced a dream that have continued after you wake up from the previous dream? I have experience the incident twice in my life that have left me with a surprise but how ever I had a lesson of life to learn from the event. Somehow I was too ignorant about recording the evident dream before and after the dream. I just know what I did in the interval of the dream when I woke up suddenly from the first half of the dream. Today I realize that everything has a purpose so did this type of dream had a purpose to teach me a lot of the life lessons. Let me share you some light on Interval Dream

I have categorized this dream as a dream having an interval. You have seen a pleasant dream. You are enjoying that dream where you are at the best level. There are character and scenery that is appealing to you that the dream has a wonderful story but you do not know the exact end of the dream. The ending may be sad or happy. The places and characters are both mystery and historical to you. You meet both unknown and known places, people and events. Suddenly you wake up from the dream. You open your eyes and you see that you are covered with darkness of night and there is peace in the room. You put on the light, go to bathroom for the refreshment, drink water, and look at your watch and all the other activities will take you about 20-25 minutes to go to bed until you fall asleep. Then suddenly you have the continuation of your previous dream that you had seen but you don’t realize it is a dream because you are active in the dream. You see the complete story and ending of the dream and know the full dream. When the dream is over you wake up and notice that it is already dawn. This leaves you with awe. How wonderful you have completed your dream! You had guts to go to sleep for dreaming even after the interval of the first half of the dream. You have been careful; you did not take too much time during the interval but your refreshment made you fresher to dream the second half of your first dream.

Purpose of Interval Dream (lesson to be learned)
As a human we all possess dreams bestowed upon us by the CREATOR which is already fulfilled according to his good plan, ideas and thoughts. His story for us is already good and happy ending. All we have to do is to walk in the dream that GOD has for you and me. Consider Adam and Eve, did not GOD have a good dream for them? But they tried to fail GOD by not moving according to HIS dream for them, for devil tempted serpent, serpent tempted Eve and Eve tempted Adam. But GOD had a bigger dream. He introduces the new character after the interval of the incidence who is the SON of woman referring to victorious Christ Jesus.
In the life circumstances, you may feel that everything is over because some people, events, places, global issues and your personal problems suddenly wake you up from the mirage of the GOD’s dream you had been perusing for so long. At such moments you should not get attached to the influences of the world but be refreshed with GOD’s words, commands, covenants and promises  of HIS good plan for you. At this moment of sudden break and interval you have one thing to do. That is your free will and freedom within a certain period of time. You can do whatever you like. Either you can stop walking in the GOD’s dream after the interval and get to the influences of the world or forget everything the world is going through and you focus on GOD’s word, promises, covenants, suggestion, pray, nurture faith, hope and surrender to walk in the fulfilled dream of GOD for you.
The reason behind interval/intermission
GOD accepts the free will of man and respects it but you will be the one to bear the consequences affecting others around you. This is the purpose of sudden troubles and worldly issues and you have a less time at the interval as it is in the movie halls where good movies are played. You have to get refreshed soon and go to the theatre or else you miss the full movie because the door is already closed and I am talking about the serious theatres that follow moral code because our GOD is full of character and does not change. If you are too late to continue walking in the dream of GOD after the interval of HIS dream and purposes for you, you will miss the purpose just as Adam and Eve has missed the purpose of being blessing to coming generations.
During the interval if you chose to follow worldly issues and complain that GOD ways are hard and not good arising desperate complaints, that’s your wrong choice and which tells that you have already missed the purpose of GOD’s plan and purpose for you. Since GOD’s plan, purpose and dream is for our life time, we will have many intervals but we should use those intervals to refresh ourselves in proper Godly ways and continue to walk in his dream rather than giving up and misusing the opportunity of the short time intervals. We should thank GOD for all the ways he has shown and be ready to march forward to HIS dream to be story of our lives.

Joseph and his GOD’s Dream
The best example of interval dream is of Joseph according to Genesis 37. First he sees only 11 sheaves bowing to his sheaves but in the second dream he sees sun, moon and 11 stars bowing to himself…that is 13 people in the second dream. The second dream is the just the continuation of the previous dream. Both dreams are not same but if both dreams are combined it is one big dream. In others words first dream is the first half and second dream is the second half of the whole Dream that GOD had for Joseph. Do you know the troubles that Joseph went in the interval? No matter what; by hook or crook, by knowledge or by ignorant he somehow walked into the dream of GOD and played a good character in GOD’s DREAM for him and also for all of us especially if you are Christians.

       Joseph was not good interpreter of dreams until he became the genuine interpreter of GOD given DREAM to him.
Do you know why? He realized that GOD’s Dream is no longer about him. It’s about GOD and his love towards the good and evil people. GOD wanted to tell through JOSEPH to Jacob, Leah, 11 brothers and people of the whole world from that dream he has a same good plan and dream for us. And Joseph was the interpretation of that dream who was interpreted by GOD in the Bible through series of real life issues clearly documented.

So do you think when GOD gives you a dream it is about you????? Don’t let Joseph laugh at you.


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