Kindness(Mercy)…a dose of anti-depression…..

Adapted from the book “Spread arms giving” -Thomas Bogaty

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.  Matthew 5:7

It is easy enough to be emphatic about the various pitiful situations of others’ lives. We have lots of love that is to be extended to the other distressed people. Humans can’t survive without sharing the kindness among them. Being generous with emphatic energy births to kindness.

Kindness acts benefits givers, takers and viewers. The researchers discovered kindness helps to have the pleasant, cool, comfortable, peace and happy feelings. It can improve emotional, spiritual and physical health of all the givers, takers and viewers of the kind acts. The kind acts are rewarding and promises to fruition of good peace, love and fellowship.

Whenever the kindness acts are performed the brain starts secreting the natural substance Serotonin. Serotonin when activated produces the pleasant feeling of comfort, happiness, peace, joy and love. When the givers participated in kind affection towards the needy takers which gets absorbed by the third party it immediately responds the brain to release the serotonin. Hence it is very essential to love our neighbors and enemy as ourselves which actually benefits us.

Kindness is an affective dose of anti-depression. Those involved in kindness acts can easily overcome darkness of depression. Imagine the increasing number of present generation suffering from depression and wasting their money on psychologists, counselors and doctors. The only thing they can do is to prescribe a drug and converse suggestion as to overcome depression. The drug of depression has the function of catalyzing the releasing of natural substance serotonin from the brain to produce comfortable, peaceful and joyous feelings. But they have disastrous side effects on depressed patients.

It is beneficial to choose kindness over the drugs to release serotonin. Kindness benefits givers, takers and viewers whereas drugs benefit only the consumers with the side effects. The suggestion of this article could be: depressed people can make kindness acts the anti-depression dose. The depressed people could give charity to be permanently healed of depression.



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