Out of Body Experiences (OBE)…

Out of body experiences is the process where the person’s spirit get separated for a brief moment. In this state a soul and body co-exists unconsciously exclusively of the spirit. This may be natural boon to some in the world but others obtain it through the religious practices such as meditation and prayer. Here the person can experience supernatural beyond comprehension and enters into new sphere of knowledge.
The spirit gets accessed to the new level of dimension that can transcend over space and time. Remember as long as humans are in the physical existence they are subjected to time and space. When it is related with the spirit it is all about infinity. Even the walls of the rooms won’t be able to block the spirit to see what the neighbor is doing behind the locked doors.
The evidence of the witnesses as found by scientist and doctors have left them spell bound and they really can’t explain what in the world can this ever happen. Once in India a child who got into accident was admitted to hospital. On completion of the surgery he explained the doctors that he had seen everything what they had done in the spirit while his body lay unconscious. This is just a simple example and there is lot more. A simple experiment on the people who could separate their spirit from body was done and the result was that it is possible to be born with this gift as well but most of them end up misusing it to take it to the level to mislead other people.
Once this was realized I personally tried to attain it through meditation rather than prayer. What shocked me was that a revelation passed through me that it is in connection with occult practices. When a person is in the practice of occult they are demonically inspired no matter what spiritual power they impart. It may seem fascinating to the other people around but it is not the healthy way to enter into the spirit. Meditation is verbal and non-verbal repetition of names of the higher spiritual gurus or gods as the Buddhists and Hindus put it. However it is highly harmful and inspires the evil spirit to invoke the way of life that person might end up living as yogis or fakirs or spiritual gurus misleading the people around. It involves even the Christian sect founders who every time introduce the false doctrines contradicting the Bible to the further extreme thinking themselves as the incarnation of LORD Jesus Christ.
One way Christian can be in the Spirit as that of John the Apostle, St. Paul. St Peter, Prophet Ezekial and many other Biblical Heroes are by the healthy practice of prayer and obedience. Speaking in tongues, singing hymns and praises of thanksgiving can be the quickest way to get the spiritual realms such as Out of Body Experiences. The believers should be happy that they have more opportunity to be in spirit by faith through grace. You are not subjected to time and space. Hence no body knows from where the wind comes so does no one knows and understands the ways of the people born in Spirit because it is no longer about time and space.


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