2 Sabbaths….one having LORD’s day

A certain boy got placement as a journalist for the print media. As a believer he wanted to have Saturday as a holiday from the job but he was not allowed to have it. Saturday is the national holiday in his country.

He prayed in mind for a while. Then the incharge turned to him and said, “You can have Sunday as a holiday if you want because there are already others who have Saturday as a holiday”.

Surprised by the new proposal the young lad accepted Sunday as a holiday. The young lad being a committed Christian knew other western and eastern countries have Sunday as a national holiday where majority of Christians celebrate Sabbath by going to the Church.

Now he celebrates Saturday as a Sabbath at a Church until 12:00 am then goes to the work. Next day is Sunday which is perfect for celebrating the LORD’s Day as the Bible puts it after the resurrection of Christ. Hence the young lad is happy that he celebrates both the sacredness of Sabbath and the Lord’s Day(Sunday is celebrated as a national holiday in most nations because the Lord Jesus resurrected on Sunday…hence it is also celebrated as a Sabbath). The boy does not need to fear of keeping Sabbath because Sunday is the perfect day where he can switch on the TV and listen to the world most renowned tele preachers through various TV channels. He hopes to get the double blessing as well.


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