JOHN of GOD….The Miracle man from Brazil…a servant of GOD…disciple of JESUS

  He is one of a kind…more busy than any claimed CHRISTIANS in the world. Each day He has 1000 of people getting lined up to be healed through the power of GOD. He has left doctors, scientist, CNN, ABC, BBC, Oprah and rest of others to believe GOD really does exist. The book is the must read.                                          


A man dies in hospital from cardiac arrest. After thirty minutes of clinical death, a phone call to Joao de Deus, 1200 km away in central Brazil, raises the man from death, completely healed; verified by his doctors.
Is Joao a modern Christ? Read this riveting account of the greatest healing phenomenon of our time. When people, totally paralysed, rise from their wheelchairs and the profoundly blind have their eyesight restored, after modern medicine has given up on them, one feels deeply stirred to ask some fundamental questions.

Joao de Deus puts our reality at risk, defying the certainties of medical science, forcing us to replace it with one of hope and joy. The story of Joao de Deus shakes the bedrock of common beliefs, kindling an ancient memory that rings only too true: that with love all things are possible.


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