A stranger…interested in me out of all those in crowd(real story)….. was he an angel?

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2)

I was really hungry during my office hours at about in the mid-day when the sun shines the brightest. I lodged myself into a local fast food cafe and ordered for a plate of buff noodles. 

I began reading a newspaper placed at my table and waited for the food. I was going through the article about getting higher position at the job with real interest. 

Suddenly a stranger came to sit next to my table. He snatched the newspapers and pretended to read it. I was puzzled. Then my noodles came and I began to eat my noodles. 

The man looked at me. I observed him, he was a person from village and ragley dressed with poor shoes on. I sensed as if he was expected something of me. 

He again returned the newspaper back to me and gave a loud laugh. He asked,”I like what you are reading. What’s the name of this place”.

I really did not want to talk, because I was ashamed in front of all others. He again began talking and I signaled that I was dumb and did not know how to talk. 

The cafe owner asked why he was there. Everybody started laughing at him. By this time i had finished having my snacks and was ready to pay money. The old man stood and walked. I observed him while he was walking and felt pity. 

I felt as if I did not do my job of helping this man and he may be an angel who might have come to my service for a moment. 

Then I repented before LORD saying, “Lord  I am sorry for what I did today to the strange old man. I promise YOU I will help the next one that comes to my aid.”

I should have at least talked and given him a cup of cold drink or some food to eat.

“All strangers who come to your hospitality who  have a message for you if you are hospitable especially  needy ones are all angels”. THOMAS BOGATY


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