Sun..easy way to understand Trinity

There are people who think Father, Son and Spirit are different in person. Some Christians try to sing song to Father and think that Father is greater than SON and Spirit. Infact it is not so. They are one. Jesus said Father and I are one. Meaning is Jesus himself is Father.

Lets look at the example of the sun.

Sun has heat, light. In other words Sun, heat and fire is trio to make this great Sun star. Though we get light and heat, both of them  are from Sun. They are insepearable. Hence there is no three GOD. There is only ONE GOD. Spirit, Father and Son are all one.

The Scripture has all about this oneness. To understand them fully….we have to understand in spiritual dimension. When Son is baptised, Father speaks and the Spirit descends. Although it seems that these are different persons…all of the activities were done by single person GOD. It is the dimension GOD operates which we cannot operate and are limited.

The SON and Spirit being Father is evidently found in both old and new testament. Hence GOD’s functioning of Father, Son and Spirit is completely different from the human father, human son and human spirit. 

Son is none other than bodily incarnation of GOD himself. So the event that happened during Jesus’s baptism signifies how different GOD is from human perspective and HE is so omnipotent beyond human’s comprehension. 

Let take another example of Radio. When radio is tuned, it produces sound…when channeled with proper channel. Jesus is same. He had a different channel. Channel to GOD. 

GOD is very big. SO big that earth is HIS footstool and heaven is his throne. The body of JESUS was just a puppet of purpose in GOD Spirit’s thread. GOD sang and moved the string of Spirit and JESUS performed what was played to HIM.

i can see myself how GOD operates in my perspective. i only wish if you could imagine what i am seeing in the mind.

Thank you.


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