a mysterious dream….

“I ran away from the beautiful angels when they desired me, but was jealous when I discovered them in the god’s and devil’s arms. That must the angels’ bitter revenge towards me.” – Thomas Bogaty

Sometimes people dream…but one thing that i do know is:

“Nothing in this world is created without any purpose and everything has the right time”

Let me tell you about my dream

I saw a dream where black puma was interested in me and following me.

It was actually a trained animal by one of my teachers along with other wild animals.

Suddenly this black puma  hugged me but it would not allow me to touch because i wanted to drive it away.

A woman tenant next to my room came and starting touching the nose of the puma and it really obeyed her. The woman told me that I should caress the puma this way so that it does not behave wildly with me.

I tried my best to caress but it would not allow me.

Then it finally went. But again hung at my back shoulder.

I woke suddenly from the dream and then could not understand what evil things was being cooked by woman by the next door that I had such a dream.

Again when I slept, I saw the sequence of the dream. The second dream explained to me that the black puma was the youngest beautiful daughter of the woman next door and she wanted me to teach how to love and care her wild daughter.

Surprised by this event….I had decided not to talk to her beautiful daughter again but she seemed to always stalk me desiring my love. I have started behaving kindly towards here effort to get my attention.

I really do not want to hurt any females like I did in the past. I will try my best to show that I care her.

Job 31:1 I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin?


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