Jacob: Husband of 4 virgins

“Jacob really really really loved Rachel. Wow what a lover. It’s no wonder why he got 3 more virgins.”

Each and every time the Bible is read by the readers they will get to know that Jacob was ready to be slave for just one thing. That one thing was Rachel. He was ready to work to get her as a reward for 14 years.

Jacob really suffered lots of trouble for Rachel.

He is the best lover after Christ in Bible in my opinion.

Can you imagine those troubles!!!!!!! Jacob bore for Rachel.

By this time he had four wives.

Leah(Rachel’s elder sister)

Zilpah(Leah’s attendant)


Billah(Rachel’s attendant)

He had children from all these wives.

Yet he loved Rachel more.

Every time I need lesson on love. I return myself to read about the Jacob and his love for Rachel.

He served his uncle for Rachel and made him very rich among other villagers.

The talents of Jacob brought prosperity to Rachel’s father’s family and relatives.

As a young man I can tell, can we be like Jacob in bringing blessing to our brides family besides our own family?

Wow…what a lover….I am in awe of Jacob the servant of Father GOD. We can’t even imagine how many times he cried for Rachel since the time he met the beauty.

Then Jacob kissed Rachel and began to weep aloud. Genesis 29:11


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