stumbling block

Ya I tripped in the stumbling block as many counterparts thought of!!!

They were glad to see me dealing with the stumbling blocks while they thought they were on top.

But I actually hadn’t tripped by the stumbling block, but I had just bowed down to deal with it!!!!

The incidence just sent false signal to the enemies and counterparts who left me alone when it seemed I was hurt, broken, poor and lost.

They were laughing and I was crying.

Though it took a lot of time to deal with the stumbling blocks, today I realize I have become more stronger than those enemies and counterparts.

But as I look back now, I can handle 1000’s of such blocks, but woe to those who can’t even deal with one stumbling blocks of life.

1000’s stumbling blocks trained me to triumph over 1000 enemies and counterparts!!!!


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