O! Enemies I love you so much

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you(Matthew 5:44)

It took a long time for me to master the art of loving enemies.

By enemies I mean anybody. It may be family members, relatives, friends, traitors, colleagues, foes among many others.

But in reality there is always a lesson that we need to learn from the experiences of lives.

We should know that the story never completes effectively unless there is a villain and the victory over the villain. The enemies are necessary components to complete our life story as well.

The following are the reasons I love my enemies:

They are not stronger than GOD, though strong than me…so I pray GOD to give me victory.

They are always challenging us. That means we can check whether we are strong enough to meet the challenges. If we are not strong enough we can work more harder.

The enemy can help us to test the level of our love, temperance, gentleness, kindness and other fruits of the spirit.

If our enemy is winning over the battles it’s time for us to pray, praise, proclaim verses, repent and read bible really hard. These are the only weapons that is available for us.

That is why we should love our enemies and jump real high with joy when they try to trouble us. Because the real man is known by the way he deals the problems and troubles cooked by others though innocent.


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