A frustrated man…….

A sudden man frustrated of life thought dying after tragedies followed him.

He went to the deepest part of the forest crossing rivers.

He wished to eaten by wild animals.

As he walked he came to a place filled with tigers eating large piece of meat . He expected them to devour him. But the wild animals just sat enjoying the sun, pleasant wind and meat.

Then came a Wisdom Carrier, a wise old saint that had shepherded the tigers.

The depressed man was surprised by the site of Wisdom Carrier. The Wisdom Carrier took the meat and began to roast it in the fire.

The overwhelmed discouraged man went up to the old wise man and asked questions. But the man did not understand answers of Wisdom Carrier.

Before the man gave his introductions the Wisdom Carrier said, ” I see you are tired of your life and have come to die here in the jungle”.

“How did you know it?” said the man.

Wisdom Carrier :Because your questions were answers too.

You see, we were born without anything in our hands. Even rich don’t have any material riches in their hands. But we have knowledge and the way we think sets us apart from others.

I shared the meat of tigers to survive. We were all mend to share our knowledge and wisdom given from Heaven. That’s what we had. Besides the Heaven arranges to sharpen the free gifts we have with the experiences on earth.

The reason you are sad is because you have not been practical about your freely granted knowledge and wisdom.

Finally I would like to ask you, “What do you wanna do?”

The man replied, “I want to be saint”.

Wisdom Carrier said, ” Go and live for others, share you heavenly wisdom and thoughts”. Practice your wisdom and knowledge that completes the need of others. Then you will live. Your soul will live even if your body dies.

The man went and practiced his heavenly gifted wisdom and knowledge.

His wisdom became expensive than precious stones but was cheaper than life.

He later was thankful for his birth and learned a lesson that heavenly life gave him his body, his knowledge, his wisdom. Eventually he learnt he cannot defeat life.

Adapted from the book ‘Songs of Wisdom Carrier’ By Thomas Bogaty


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