hiding wealth underground….

Mice flies the money hidden to fly the son to foreign employment

Now the bank branch have reached the village. The cooperatives have been established even if there are no banks. The villagers borrow money from these financial institutions to do business. They take loan when needed. And they saved the earned money. However, a person in Janakpur had buried Rs 1,50,000 under soil. He hid the money to hide it from the thieves but he could not save it from he mice. The money that could not be theft by the thieves have been bitten into pieces by thief mice. Rs 1,50,000 was set aside for sending son to abroad for employment has been torn into pieces my mice from the house of Narayan Mahato, Bhucakrapura-4, Janakpur.

Mahato had taken loan of Rs 40,000 from the Bank of Bardibas and Rs 20,000 loan from the branch bank of Dhalkewar. He had sold his buffalo for Rs 30,000, goats for Rs 20,000 and had earned 40,000 through laborious wage.

He informed that the 2 gm out 4 gm gold has been lost that was hidden along with the cash under the ground.
He had hidden the money to hide it from his sons with the consent of his wife.
He was able to glue some torn notes into Rs 20,000 but other torn notes has become useless.
He said, “The eldest son among the fours son spends more money. He spends it whenever the money is found.”
The money was hidden to send the eldest son for the foreign employment.

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy,and where thieves break in and steal. Matthew 6:19


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