Air-the free gift you give unknowingly….

“If man only breadth in and not out, just think what would happen to this world. There would be no life. The everything dies when they are not capable to breath in and out that free gift of air.” Thomas Bogaty

Once a young man went through a very tough time in his life. He seem to lack everything in the world and this realization gave him a depression and anxiety. It was as if “you have lost the whole world and there is nothing for you in this wasteful life”

He even lacked food and had to pay for the daily food which he had to earn through hard work. It was very discouraging for the young man.

Then he wandered around the beautiful lake.

Lake reflected a very beautiful sunny day with birds flying in the air. He saw his reflection and did not know what to do.

He then noticed one more thing:    he was covered in clothes while the birds had the natural clothing for themselves. The colourful feathers appeared too beautiful for his eyes.

He observed their food habit and was amazed that they ate without paying money.

He was excited but just then a Wisdom Carrier happen to pass by him.

He asked the Wisdom Carrier, “Why do birds of the air have no anxiety”

“Because they don’t bargain their life for the small things such as food, clothing and water, they know that it is meant to be free for all.

Also observe that the children of the animals and birds don’t have to pay back to parents for what they did for the upbringing, but the human parents have started to think that children are their possession and have to pay them back during the old age. In a sense, it is like you owe them something great.

The reason humans suffer is because they don’t give freely and they don’t receive freely.

Just take the air for example. It is taken freely by every one and breadth out freely by everyone. And we breathe this free gift till we live. We give it away to other before the last breadth.

“Remember that GOD first gave free breadth from his mouth to all the living creatures and non living creatures,” he said.

He added without the free gift of breadth of air nothing came into existence.

Adapted from the book : The Wisdom Carrier-By Thomas Bogaty


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