Natural time vs artificial time

There is  a time for everything and a seasons for activity under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

It’s early 4:15 am when I observe the wall clock after I woke up hearing rooster crowing.

The anthropology reckons cockcrow as per the light cycle. The cockcrow starts after each 30 minutes gradually reducing to 7 minutes before the dawn (sunrise). Its not only about cock but also other birds that sing everyday at the time of sunrise and sun setting.

It is believed that they have internal clock to know when they are ought to crow and roost.

Compare that to the artificial timing instrument clock, a modern world time teller. People refer to it for the time check.

However the artificial clock and natural rooster don’t give the same time when they operate simultaneously like aforementioned, when i woke up to the sound of cockcrow, it was already 4:15 am.

My impression is that cock may have crowed exactly at 4:00 am according the universal timing than the clock time 4:15 am. The cock may give the correct time as it operates by the natural law of light cycle, seasons, day and night.

The nature is perfect than the artificial in all its sense, though it may appear weird to humans.

Man has been given everything, it’s just that they want to replace the nature with artificial developments.

In either case, if man wants to carry out the timely work, they will not able to do it because in my sense everyone in the earth have their own natural timing as well.

It’s the natural timing and plan that flows and influences man and his aspects than the artificial timing and the plan.

“Natural timing is adamant over the artificial timing.”


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