The college ID

I had a student ID card of master in Sociology but the fact is that i did not want any one to see and know about it.

But this day (September 12) at least three people nearly picked the ID card from my pocket to know the fact about the card I was bearing.

First it was  a friend from the photography department who nearly took the card out of my shirt pockets. Then I told him please don’t try to do it, it is a top secret. I took the card out and kept in the pockets of my pants.

Next I arrived at my Editorial Department and conversed with Head of Department. He was talking to me but suddenly he started to put hands in the pant pockets where I kept the card. I did not stop him, though inside in my heart I was saying please don’t take the card out of my pant pockets. He just touched the card inside my pocket for a while and then stopped but did not take the card out.

Lastly, a friend from the Online Department came to pay visit to your department. By then I had already kept the ID card back into my shirt pockets. This friend just seemed to reach out to my pocket to take the card to have a look. I stopped him immediately and said this is secret, nobody should see this.

He said, “Is it a duplicate ID card or what?”

I said, “No, it is original ID card.”

Sometimes, weird things happen, three people wanting to see my card was really odd experience, specially my HOD trying to take the card out of pant pockets.


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