Real Thanksgiving

The subordinate and his boss went to have lunch.

The waiter took the meal order. After half and hours the meal was ready and served by the waiter.

The boss thanked the waiter whereas the subordinate said nothing. This was the usual behavior of the subordinate but the boss was not impressed for his attitude of not thanking the waiter for his service. Finally one fine day the boss opened his mouth,” I have an impression that you don’t have the habit of thanking the people who serve you.”

The subordinate replied, “I have not that for a long time with the waiter here because he just serves the delicious food cooked by the chef of the restaurant. I would rather prefer to thank chef for his effort in preparing the delicious food as ordered.”

The world knows that boss is correct in his ways of thanksgiving for the effort of the waiter, but what it does also know is that the attitude of the subordinate is correct too. Frequently most people in this world don’t thank the people who actually invested their skills to serve them. They may be people serving us too hard behind the curtain but recipient are too reluctant to know the actual facilitator involved in serving them.

They are busy thanking people who deliver the service provided by the contributors.

The sad thing hidden above is that the boss used to eat a bit of meal and leave it as though it was not tasty and good enough for health.

Whereas the subordinate left the plates almost empty with no morsels and pieces of the meal.

The waiter, chef and GOD knows who is better thankful in between the boss and subordinate though boss delivers the lips service of the thanksgiving. The subordinate may have missed thanking with lips but his actions are pleasing aroma of thanksgiving and satisfaction towards waiter, chef and GOD.

The subordinate said to the boss. “The waiter and cook is happier with me as I receive their service with actions of thanksgiving by eating the meal completely. They must have been really hurt as you leave your plate full of uneaten meals which gives an impression of the meal is not good.”


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