Interaction with the heathen biker

GOD can speak to us from any people regardless of religion

On the brink of fuel crisis most of the motor cyclist started provided free rides to people who could not afford travel to different places and fro to their homes. The undeclared border blockade by India caused the halt in fuel transportation to Nepal hitting hard the smooth flow of public transportation.

In such immobile times, kind bikers provided lift to suffering passengers amid the hassles.

I was one such passenger consecutively lifted by two wheeler riders on way back to home at Thankot from Kalanki at the evening. At the same day my office had arranged shuttle bus service from Lagankhel-Bhaisepati-Kalanki-Siddhartha Banasthali.

But I can’t forget the belief and ideals shared by one of the biker that moved me in 16 November, 2015. That was the first time I had ever taken a lift at bike to reach my place.

The biker said that he runs a Friends Furniture store in Kumaripati in Lalitpur but has not missed even a single day to operate his regular business despite the fuel crisis. He witnessed that he never ran out of fuel in his bike for travelling regularly.

“I get surprised by this blessing of fuel abundance. It don’t run out of fuel as I had expected. I even get it filled very easily from the pumps which surprises me,” he said.

I felt he is GOD fearing and tried to find out some signs of what religious faith he came from. His golden ring with the hindu deity reflected of his hindu idealism.

“I feel GOD really blessed me because I always give lift to people to their destination on the way to Thankot. You see GOD really blesses the one who helps people. It is the frauds and other criminals suffer one way or the other for their bad deeds,” he said.

According to him fraudulent car driver might cough up thousands from the innocent passengers but   when sickness, accidents and evil happens to him and his family members, the fraud will always reflect if those evil results and suffering were due to his past sinful actions on the good people.

“I slow down my motorbike to see if anyone wants ride to their destination. By helping people, I have been blessed with fuel abundance to help more people. It signifies that the fuel was blessed by GOD so that I could help more people in need,” he said adding that he has been taking longer route to his shop but still the fuel tank of bike does not go empty.

“Thanks be to GOD for blessing me,” he said.

Frankly speaking being a Christian faith child, I felt as if GOD was speaking directly to me through this hindu helper. I even thought he was a Christian until I noticed the hindu deity at his rings.

I learnt great lesson from this guy about the favor of GOD upon those people who favor people in need.

Note: I started conversation with him saying that the bigger private vehicles were not helping the local people. But he said that it’s the responsibility of the state to provide the proper transportation instead of the other private transport entrepreneurs. I had already decided to write all things this wise biker spoke as soon as I reach my room in Thankot checkpost.


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