Real Thanksgiving

The subordinate and his boss went to have lunch.

The waiter took the meal order. After half and hours the meal was ready and served by the waiter.

The boss thanked the waiter whereas the subordinate said nothing. This was the usual behavior of the subordinate but the boss was not impressed for his attitude of not thanking the waiter for his service. Finally one fine day the boss opened his mouth,” I have an impression that you don’t have the habit of thanking the people who serve you.”

The subordinate replied, “I have not that for a long time with the waiter here because he just serves the delicious food cooked by the chef of the restaurant. I would rather prefer to thank chef for his effort in preparing the delicious food as ordered.”

The world knows that boss is correct in his ways of thanksgiving for the effort of the waiter, but what it does also know is that the attitude of the subordinate is correct too. Frequently most people in this world don’t thank the people who actually invested their skills to serve them. They may be people serving us too hard behind the curtain but recipient are too reluctant to know the actual facilitator involved in serving them.

They are busy thanking people who deliver the service provided by the contributors.

The sad thing hidden above is that the boss used to eat a bit of meal and leave it as though it was not tasty and good enough for health.

Whereas the subordinate left the plates almost empty with no morsels and pieces of the meal.

The waiter, chef and GOD knows who is better thankful in between the boss and subordinate though boss delivers the lips service of the thanksgiving. The subordinate may have missed thanking with lips but his actions are pleasing aroma of thanksgiving and satisfaction towards waiter, chef and GOD.

The subordinate said to the boss. “The waiter and cook is happier with me as I receive their service with actions of thanksgiving by eating the meal completely. They must have been really hurt as you leave your plate full of uneaten meals which gives an impression of the meal is not good.”


The college ID

I had a student ID card of master in Sociology but the fact is that i did not want any one to see and know about it.

But this day (September 12) at least three people nearly picked the ID card from my pocket to know the fact about the card I was bearing.

First it was  a friend from the photography department who nearly took the card out of my shirt pockets. Then I told him please don’t try to do it, it is a top secret. I took the card out and kept in the pockets of my pants.

Next I arrived at my Editorial Department and conversed with Head of Department. He was talking to me but suddenly he started to put hands in the pant pockets where I kept the card. I did not stop him, though inside in my heart I was saying please don’t take the card out of my pant pockets. He just touched the card inside my pocket for a while and then stopped but did not take the card out.

Lastly, a friend from the Online Department came to pay visit to your department. By then I had already kept the ID card back into my shirt pockets. This friend just seemed to reach out to my pocket to take the card to have a look. I stopped him immediately and said this is secret, nobody should see this.

He said, “Is it a duplicate ID card or what?”

I said, “No, it is original ID card.”

Sometimes, weird things happen, three people wanting to see my card was really odd experience, specially my HOD trying to take the card out of pant pockets.

Natural time vs artificial time

There is  a time for everything and a seasons for activity under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

It’s early 4:15 am when I observe the wall clock after I woke up hearing rooster crowing.

The anthropology reckons cockcrow as per the light cycle. The cockcrow starts after each 30 minutes gradually reducing to 7 minutes before the dawn (sunrise). Its not only about cock but also other birds that sing everyday at the time of sunrise and sun setting.

It is believed that they have internal clock to know when they are ought to crow and roost.

Compare that to the artificial timing instrument clock, a modern world time teller. People refer to it for the time check.

However the artificial clock and natural rooster don’t give the same time when they operate simultaneously like aforementioned, when i woke up to the sound of cockcrow, it was already 4:15 am.

My impression is that cock may have crowed exactly at 4:00 am according the universal timing than the clock time 4:15 am. The cock may give the correct time as it operates by the natural law of light cycle, seasons, day and night.

The nature is perfect than the artificial in all its sense, though it may appear weird to humans.

Man has been given everything, it’s just that they want to replace the nature with artificial developments.

In either case, if man wants to carry out the timely work, they will not able to do it because in my sense everyone in the earth have their own natural timing as well.

It’s the natural timing and plan that flows and influences man and his aspects than the artificial timing and the plan.

“Natural timing is adamant over the artificial timing.”

What GOD want’s to tell you

But the time will come when you will realize that the thoughts of other minds and the teachings of other religions, no matter how true and beautiful, are not what I intend for you; for I have reserved for you thoughts and teachings which are yours and yours only, and which I will give to you in secret when you are ready to receive them

Air-the free gift you give unknowingly….

“If man only breadth in and not out, just think what would happen to this world. There would be no life. The everything dies when they are not capable to breath in and out that free gift of air.” Thomas Bogaty

Once a young man went through a very tough time in his life. He seem to lack everything in the world and this realization gave him a depression and anxiety. It was as if “you have lost the whole world and there is nothing for you in this wasteful life”

He even lacked food and had to pay for the daily food which he had to earn through hard work. It was very discouraging for the young man.

Then he wandered around the beautiful lake.

Lake reflected a very beautiful sunny day with birds flying in the air. He saw his reflection and did not know what to do.

He then noticed one more thing:    he was covered in clothes while the birds had the natural clothing for themselves. The colourful feathers appeared too beautiful for his eyes.

He observed their food habit and was amazed that they ate without paying money.

He was excited but just then a Wisdom Carrier happen to pass by him.

He asked the Wisdom Carrier, “Why do birds of the air have no anxiety”

“Because they don’t bargain their life for the small things such as food, clothing and water, they know that it is meant to be free for all.

Also observe that the children of the animals and birds don’t have to pay back to parents for what they did for the upbringing, but the human parents have started to think that children are their possession and have to pay them back during the old age. In a sense, it is like you owe them something great.

The reason humans suffer is because they don’t give freely and they don’t receive freely.

Just take the air for example. It is taken freely by every one and breadth out freely by everyone. And we breathe this free gift till we live. We give it away to other before the last breadth.

“Remember that GOD first gave free breadth from his mouth to all the living creatures and non living creatures,” he said.

He added without the free gift of breadth of air nothing came into existence.

Adapted from the book : The Wisdom Carrier-By Thomas Bogaty

Christian Protesters Clash with Police in India’s Delhi


Hundreds of Christian protesters clashed with police in India’s capital on Thursday as they pressed demands for government protection amid concern about rising intolerance after a series of attacks on churches.

Demonstrators were pulled on to police buses as they tried to march from one of New Delhi’s largest cathedrals near parliament to the residence of Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

Political rivals have accused the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party of exploiting religious divisions in the run-up to state elections in Delhi at the weekend.

Police have imposed an emergency law known as Section 144 which prohibits gatherings. About 200 police were stationed outside the cathedral while several hundred protesters were inside, a Reuters photographer said.

“All that we are asking is ‘what are the police doing? What is the government doing?,'” said one protester who gave his name as Garry. Christians wanted proper security and safety, he said.

Singh tweeted that he met Christian leaders on Thursday to assure them he would not tolerate any discrimination.

He added that he promised an independent investigation into the church attacks and said he has asked the police to ensure the security of churches and other places of worship.

A spokesman for Delhi police did not respond to a request for comment.

Five churches in the capital have reported incidents of arson, vandalism and burglary. The latest was reported on Monday when an individual stole ceremonial items.

In December, a Catholic church in north Delhi was gutted in a fire in a case of suspected arson.

In December, a BJP minister, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, told an election rally non-Hindus were “bastards.” She later apologized.

U.S. President Barack Obama warned on a visit to India last week that the country’s success depended on it not splintering along religious lines.

Religious conversions have become a divisive political issue since hardliners with links to the BJP said Hinduism was under threat and started a campaign to convince Christians and Muslims to change their faith.

About a fifth of India’s 1.27 billion people identify themselves as belonging to faiths other than Hinduism.

World’s oldest mother gives birth to twins at 70

She was utterly determined to have a son.

The fact that to do so would make 70-year-old Omkari Panwar the world’s oldest mother didn’t even cross her mind.

Her resolve was matched by her husband Charan Singh Panwar, 77.

To pay for the IVF treatment vital to producing a male heir to the family’s smallholdings, the retired farmer sold his buffalos, mortgaged his land, spent his life savings and took out a credit card loan.

And it all paid off when Mrs Panwar gave birth to twins – a boy and girl – by emergency Caesarean section in hospital in Muzaffarnagar, seven hours drive north of the Indian capital New Delhi.

The twins, born a month premature and weighing 2lb each, are healthy, according to doctors.

The Panwars already have two adult daughters, and five grandchildren, but the latest arrivals are what they have been waiting for – not least because a son will benefit from a dowry when he marries and will be able to work their land.

Mrs Panwar said: ‘For eight months the pregnancy was hectic and painful. But I have given birth before, so I knew what to expect. Sometimes, you have to face the pain if you want something good.’

Her husband added: ‘At last we have a son and heir. We prayed to God, went to saints and visited religious places to pray for an heir.

‘The treatment cost me a fortune but the birth of a son makes it all worthwhile. I can die a happy man and a proud father.’

Mrs Panwar, who has no birth certificate, uses the date of India’s independence in 1947 to gauge her age. She remembers being nine when the British left India – meaning she is now 70.

Romanian Adriana Iliescu, who gave birth to a daughter through IVF aged 66 in 2005, was previously the world’s oldest mother.

Mrs Panwar was told she had beaten the record as she recuperated on a rusty steel bed in the mudbrick home of one of her daughters.

‘I didn’t know that,’ she said. ‘But it is of little benefit to me. I have not even seen my own children yet – they were taken to a specialist hospital while I was still unconscious.

‘If I am the world’s oldest mother it means nothing to me. I just want to see my new babies and care for them while I am still able.’

Gynaecologist Nisha Malik, who delivered the twins in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, said: ‘I was shocked when this old lady told me she was pregnant. I have been in medicine for 20 years and I have never heard of such a case.’

• Britain’s oldest mother is child psychologist Patricia Rashbrook, who was 62 when she gave birth to a son in 2006. Dr Rashbrook had paid £10,000 for IVF treatment in Russia.

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