Nepal: Hindu-Secular Kingdom? Be Spiritual Kingdom

Nepal was only Hindu Kingdom in the world until it was resolved to Secular State in 15 January 2007 with the spirit of worldliness that entered to Nepal through the western world. Nepal had to retreat from declaration of Hindu state, because of the existence of other religious groups viz Islam, Buddhism, Kirat , Christianity among many other.

Nepal once boasted about successful proclamation of Hindu Kingdom in constitution of 1948, 1951, 1959, 1962, 1990 and 2007whereas its neighboring country India that is filled with largest population of the Hinduism followers is proud of its stance to secularism.

The history shows that there were Christians, Kirats, Animists, Buddhists, Muslims etc before Nepal was declared a Hindu Kingdom and Secular Kingdom.

The entry of Hindu Aryans in Nepal: Pragya Sharma

According to Pragya Raj Sharma, author of article: Caste, Social mobility and Sanskritization in Kailash Magazine widely published in 1977; there are three stages when Nepal became Hinduized nation.

  1. The first groups of Hindu Aryans entered Nepal during the first century Before Christ.
  2. In 12th century AD, the second groups of Hindus entered Nepal via Kumau of Uttarakhand, Nothern India.
  3. The Hindus from India entered Nepal tarai about 300 years ago.

Author clarifies that Nepal was already crowded with other religion before  Hindu religion spread to Nepal from India.

King Prithivi Naryan Shah and unification strategies (1723-1755 AD)

Prior to unification campaign of King Prithivi Narayan Shah, Nepal was crowded with the followers of other religion namely Kirat, Buddhist, and Islam along with few numbers of Christians.

Prithivi Narayan Shah tried to unify religiously diverse country through Hindu religion that he practiced. He used the process of Sanskritization, Hinduization and Nepalization movements to garner the support from the local people.


The King forced the different ethnic groups to adopt Sanskrit language of India and Hindu scriptures. Then he forced people to follow the Hindu religion to bring them under one ideology.


After the Sanskritization was successful, Hinduization into effect. The other religious groups were asked to follow the norms of Hinduism in their religious practice. Due to this each and every other religion especially Kirat,Buddhist and animists mixed their religious practices with Hinduism. These days, such converts claim to be Hindu-Buddhist.


Shah then enforced the people to unify under one country name called Nepal. According to history, Nepal had 22 and 24 kingdoms before unification. Later on a new language Nepali was developed that became lingua franca for unified kingdoms united under Nepalization, Hinduization and Sanskritization.

Sanskritized and Hinduized laws and decrees

The Hindu religious groups acted shrewdly upon the non-Hindu by drafting norms, rules, regulation, code of ethics and law by incorporations from the Sanskrit scriptures called Vedics and Puranas without discussing with non-Hindu groups.

Brahamins and Chettris of Hindu sect sanctioned high ranks for themselves under category of Taghadhari. Taghadhari means twice born caste, literally thread wearing caste.

The non-hindus viz Animists, Buddhist and  Kirats among others were regarded as Matwali. Matwali is alchohol drinking caste. Now, if we trace the Vedic scriptures nothing is mentioned about Matwali caste. Hence, Hindu Brahamins and Chettris, introduced new caste system to discriminate other caste as impure caste that consumed fermented drinks.

Sanskritized Society

Soon after Nepal was unified under Sanskritization, Hinduization and Nepalization the Hindu religion started soaring with advantages over other religious and cultural practitioners. People started speaking Nepali language and Hindi language along with Sanskrit, and adopted the norms of Hindu religion.

The non-hindus mixed Hinduism in their culture and respected Brahmins as priest. Buddhist stupas started getting temples around it. The non-Hindus began to forget their ancient cultures.

Christians during Malla dyanasty in Nepal

According to history rewritten by ECS magazine dated August 27, 2010 with title History of Church in Nepal authored by Ivan Sada, there were Christians in Nepal during reign of Malla Dynasty predating the reign of Shah dynasties and birth of King Prithivi Narayan Shah, the then enemy and persecutor of Christians.

Portuguese Jesuit Father Juwan Cabral

Portugese Jesuit Father Juwan Cabral had come to preach Christianity in Nepal during period of Lakshminarashima Mall in 1628 AD with the permit records in tarma patras|(legal documents imprinted in copper plates) before birth of King Prithivi Narayan Shah. This was first recorded alliance and visit of a Christian foreigner in Nepal.

Albert d’Orville and Johann Grueber –Belgian and Austrian Christian missionaries

King Pratap Malla of Kathmandu, permited Albert d’Orville and Johann Grueber to preach Christianity on the way to Lhasa in 1661 AD.

First Newar Church in Kathmandu

In 21 February 1707 AD, two Capuchin Fathers of the churches in Rome travelled to Nepal with preaching of Christianity on the way to Tibet mission. These two Fathers preached Christianity to Newars of Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur along with their close connection with kings of Gorkha and Tanahun for about 57 years and established Assumptions of our Lady in Wotu tole in Kathmandu in March 24, 1760 AD with the blessing of Father Tranquillis.

Prithivi Narayan Shah and persecuted Nepali Newar Christians

In 1769 the Newar Christians were compelled to leave the country when King Prithvi Narayan Shah came to rule over Kathmandu. In the beginning, King Prithvi Narayan Shah was very impressed by the Capuchin missionaries, he was aware of the social work they were doing. In response to their positive work for Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah called them to expand into Nuwakot as it was the capital of Nepal at that time. Unfortunately the Capuchin missionaries could not accept his offer due to the extreme lack of human resources available in that location. Later King Prithvi Narayan Shah got very angry with them when English soldiers attacked Sindhuligadhi as suspicion fell on the Capuchin missionaries that they were involved in the scheme. In reality, the Capuchin missionaries were not responsible for inviting the English soldiers to Nepal but it was the muslim businessman named Umda and a mendicant monk named Ramdas who had taken the invitation letter from King Jaya Prakash Malla to the high commissioner of East India company in Betiah. After this incident, the Capuchin missionaries and the Newar Christians were banished from Nepal.

In Kirtipur, King Prithivi Narayan Shah started treating the common people inhumanely by cutting their noses. Seeing such brutal acts, a Christian delegation was raised up and went to King Prithivi Narayan Shah to request him to stop this horrific act. The king felt the Christian delegation was interfering in his personal matter, which only infuriated him even more. This led him to banish the five Capuchin missionaries and 62 members of the 14 Newar Christian families from Kathmandu on February 10th 1769. They travelled a long way crossing many hills and facing many dangers as they passed through the Chitwan jungle until finally they reached the village named Chuhari in Northern Bihar of India on Feb 17th1769 where they settled. -Naresh Duwal(In search of Nepali Christians banished from Nepal 244 years ago).

The advent of Christianity after 150 years of closure

In 1940s Dr Robert Fleming, a science teacher and orthonologist of Woodstock School from India  started to knock the doors to enter Nepal by asking the permission from Government of Nepal for the study of Himalayan Birds. In October 31 1949, Bob Flaming and Dr Carl Taylor were permitted to visit Butwal, Baglung, Tansen, Tukucheand Pokhara. In 1951, permission was granted for Bob Flaming to establish the hospital in Tansen. With this advantage Christian mission workers made their way to Tansen to extend Christianity along with their medical practices and established United Mission to Nepal.

Father Marshall Moran Principal of St Xaviers school in Patna, India affiliated to Patna University visited Nepal for the supervision of annual examination in Trichandra College. King Tribhuvan granted him to establish St Xaviers school in Godavari which was later extended to Jawalakhel in 1954 AD.

Ganga Prasad Pradhan-Translator of Nepali Bible

The Nepali Christians from northeast India also started returning back to Nepal to preach gospel of CHRIST. One of the returnee Christian named Padra Ganga Prasad Pradhan officially translated Nepali Bible in 1849 with the assistance of British and Foreign Bible Society. He tried to immigrate along with 40 family members but was rejected by Nepal Government in 1914.

Finally Christians officially permitted to enter Nepal in 1950

The indigenous Nepali Christians from India immigrated to Nepal in 1950 after the Nepal government officially permitted Christians to immigration and travel. These indigenous Nepali Christian immigrants became the first ones to lay foundation of the Churches and spread of Christianity in Nepal.

Religions of Nepal before and after Nepal was declared Hindu Kingdom

The country has an area of 147,181 square kilometres (56,827 sq mi) and a population of 28 million. Hinduism is reported to be the religion of 81.34% of the population followed by Buddhism (9.04%), Islam(4.38%), Kirat (3.04%), Christianity (1.41%) practitioners of Kirant (an indigenous animist religion), 0.1 percent. There are adherents to many other religious groups, whose proportion is small.[1] According to the chairman of the Madrassah Islamiyah Association, there are almost 2,500 madrassahs. Twenty thousand Tibetan Buddhist refugees reside in the country.-Wikipedia

The above mentioned religions are also religion before and after declaration of Nepal as Secular Kingdom. Since Nepal doesn’t respect Secular Kingdom as well, it can be called a Spiritual Kingdom in the amendment of the new constitution. Secular means separate from religion and worldly-Nepal is not separate from religion neither is it worldly or temporal.

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Nepali Around the World by Cindy L. Perry, and A Brief History of the Nepal Catholic Church














Why is Hindu Krishna confused with Jesus Christ of Jews?

Why such a mistake by Hindu Scripture about Christ

Since bible gives clear information of Messiah, it is evident that the ancient writers of hind scriptures passed on the teaching of Hanok-one of the ancient prophets of ancient days who proclaimed about Christ before the earth was destroyed by flood.

During the flood Noah and his son’s Shem, Ham and Japheth constructed a boat under the command of supreme Christ to save themselves.

Three God-dieties of Hindu Brahama, Shiva, Rama along with Cush are men in the Bible

Ham is the father of Cush. Ham had other sons as well and they were Egypt, Put and Canaan. Ham is related with Brahama and we will discuss this in coming parts. Let us first go through the facts about descendents of Ham.

Cush eldest son of Ham bigoted Nimrod ,Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah and Sabteka. Seba sounds similar to Sanskritized name (Shiva) while Raamah is pronounce bit similarly as Rama. Their grandfather Ham similar to Sansrkitized Brahamma. Son of Rama is Kush in Sanskritized form, but in Bible it is the name of the son of Ham and Father of Raamah and Seba.

Raamah and Seba have confusion with their brother Nimrod due to language

King Nimrod

Nimrod became a very powerful man and built 10 cities. He was respected by all his brother and his cousins born from Shem and Jephtah. During this time there was only one language in the earth and people were able to understand each other.

The son’s of Ham’s brothers Shem and Japheth also build many cities but they were subjected to Nimrod as Nimrod was more powerful and wise. Nimrod became the king of all the people of earth at that time.

During these years, lives of people were reduced to maximum 500 years from 1000 years. Before the flood men lifespan were upto 1000 years but no one lived up to 1000 years. Noah lived upto 950 years, his ancestor Methuselah for 969, Jared 962 years and the first man name Adam live upto only 930 years.

Nimrod who was the fourth generation of Noah had only limited knowledge about the Creator GOD. He was initially a hunter and protected his people from the wild animals. The wild animals that populated the earth outnumbering humans frequently attacked people. Nimrod began to save people by hunting the fierce animals. Hence Nimrod became very popular hunter and people started saying, “Like Nimrod mighty hunter before the LORD.” –Genesis 10:9.

Later Nimrod became a mighty warrior fighting the giants to occupy and expand the human territory. Bible introduces Nimrod saying, “Cush was a father of Nimrod, who became a mighty warrior on earth.”-Genesis 10:8

He started to build cities with his intelligence. He led the project in which people started using bricks instead of stones and tar instead of mortar.

Nimrod, tower of Babel and language confusion

The project was launched because Nimrod did not want to lose his influence on his people and he wanted his son’s to rule over all the inhabitant of the earth.

Nimrod said, “Come let’s make brick instead of stone and tars for mortar. Come let us built ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens so that we may make name for ourselves otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” Genesis 11:3-5

With this objective they started first project to build the city of Babylonia. People then built Babylon city for many years and now they had last thing to built-the tower of Babel. There were five cities in Babylon, Uruk, Akkad, Kalneha and Shinar( Babylonia).-Genesis 10:10

Babylon was the central kingdom with tower of Babel. Each city would be ruled by his brothers and he would enthrone himself as king in the tower of Babel.

Tower of Bable was not only a tower; it would be a palace for Nimrod where he would rule the people of the earth as god-king.

Nimrod did this, in order to immortalize him as everlasting god in the eyes of his people. He wanted to build tower in order to study sun, moon and stars because Nimrod was great astronomer and astrologer during his time besides being a world famous warrior and hunter as per the Babylonian and Sumerian texts.

At this period Nimrod turned against GOD’s holy people who were opposing his activities. Despite the warning and advice of GOD’s holy people, Nimrod did not put an end to his selfish plan against the will of GOD.

According to John’s Revelation17:1-9, Ancient Babylon city constructed by Nimrod was filled with abominable things and filth of adulteries. The city was very rich filled with clothes of purple and scarlet. It was filled with jewels of gold, precious stones and pearls. The GOD’s holy people were killed by the people who wanted to construct Babylon city under the five kings who were brothers of Nimrod.

Reveletion 18:2-3  informs, Ancient Babylon is called great city but it became the dwelling places for demons, impure spirit ,violent men and criminals. The evil people were promised with riches and luxuries. In a process many evil things happened and earth was corrupted.


Gensis 11:5-9 informs But GOD was not pleased. Nimrod had misused the gifts of hunting, leadership, warrior and intelligence for himself instead of serving GOD as his King. Nimrod wanted to build different city representing his people instead of God’s devoted people.

GOD descended with his angels and filled the tongues of people with different languages. The people and rulers got confused while constructing the tower because they could not understand each other. The people speaking same languages united with themselves and separated from the other groups. They stopped building the tower along with the city of Babylon and it tower fell down.

The people were separated by their clans, languages, territories and nations. The earth was divided during the time when Peleg was born to Eber son of Shelah son of Aparxad son of Shem son of Noah.

Bible says about Nimrod’s second project as in the east, “From that land (Shinar/Babylon) he went to Assria, where he built Nineveh, Rehobot, Ir, Calah and Resen which is between Nineveh and Calah-which is a great city.”-Genesis 10:11-12

Where did Nimrod, Raamah, Seba and Ham go after the confusion of Babel

Nimrod is mentioned even in the Babylonian text and Sumerian text. Hence Nimrod was gifted with Sumerian language. Sumerians text considered Nimrod as their ruler and King.

While Nimrod started new project of constructing city in Assyria in the east, Nimrod’s brother Raamah and Seba started to build cities even further eastern territories to present continent known as South Asia. Whereas northern Asia was occupied by some son’s of Caanan, son of Ham, Son of Noah. Bible says, “Later Caanaties clan scattered as far as Lasha”-Genesis 10:19 . At present Lasha false in the hilly and mountainous region of Nepal which is border to China.

Ham had already died before the destruction of Babylon city middle- eastern nations.

Brahamma, Shiva, Raamah and Cush of Hindu religion

Two names of Nimrod’s brother matches with two god-head of hindu deities that is Seba(Shiva) and Raamah(Rama).

Bible even mentions the two descendents Sheba and Dedan of Raamah.-Genesis. But Sheba was the name of Raamah’s brother too. 10:6-7

Some of the descendent of Ham forgot GOD that Ham had introduced them after they scattered to other parts of the world because of the new languages. Today we know that India has many languages while they claim that it was all inspired by Sanskrit, surprisingly only hindi, Nepali, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Gujrati and handful of other languages matches with Sanskrit. On the other hand Tamil, Malyalam, Kannada, Goan, Urdu and handful of other are totally different from Sanskrit and it has different forms of texts.

While Hindu Scripture mention the son of Rama being Luv and Kush. Cush is the name of father of Rama in the Bible and Ham is the grandfather.

The hindu scripture are in confusion about the name of son’s of Raama and replace them with Raama’s fathers name Cush and the other with Luv instead of Sheba and Dedan.

When Bible mentions Raamah descendants it is clear that Raamah was another prominent son of Cush son of Ham son of Noah, warrior, hunter and king after Nimrod during time Babylon was being constructed and the confusion that separated the brothers and all the people of the earth.

Both Raamah and Seba were kings around the city of Babel under the command of their leading brother and king Nimrod. They fled to other parts of the earth after the confusion in the Babel after other people and kings of the earth rebelled them with different language.

The group of people who spoke Sanskrit language at that time belonged to the clan of either Seba(Shiva) or Raamah(Rama). According to Bible both Shiva and Ram are mere human beings. The name Seba and Raamah was Sanskritized or termed according to other languages.

Ham was the father of Cush. Cush was father of Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sabteka and Nimrod.

Ham is similar to Brahama, another godhead of hindu diety.

According to Sanskrit Ham is Brahama ancestor of Shiva(Seba) and Raama(Raama). But Bible talks about Raama twice. First as son of Cush then later as father of Sheba and Dedan.  Bible doesn’t give the names of son’s of son produced by Cush namely Nimrod, Seba, Havilah, Sabtah and Sabteka.

So Raama is prominent figure in Bible as well not only hindu scriptures of India.

Origination of Brahamma, Shiva and Vishnu(Ram) in Hindu Texts and Bible

The religious texts of India asserts that Brahamma produced Shiva and Vishnu (Rama) from sea water.

The Hindu religious text has spoken figuratively here without giving the information of flood of Noah while Ham was in the boat mentioned in Bible. The earth and all the living creatures were destroyed except Ham along with his wife, parents and brothers. After Ham was saved in boat amid the great flood for one complete year. The water had flooded the world for 40 days and 40 nights but it had taken almost 325 days to dry from the earth.

Later Ham came out along with his parents, wife and brothers. Ham bigoted six sons Nimrod ,Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah and Sabteka.

Seba’s name Shiva and Raamah as Rama due to the language change in event of Babel tower confusion. The descendants of Seba started calling him Shiva and his grandfather Ham as BraHamma. Raamah’s named remained unchained but was also given a new name Vishnu.

In Hindu religion, Brhama is represented with four-headed old man with white beard between the young Shiva and Raama(Raama is refered to as Vishnu). Brahamma is having multiple hands with books. He is the creator of Vishnu(Rama) and Shiva.

Shiva(Sheba) and Vishnu(new name of Ramah) taught their descendants about BraHamma(Ham) and gave little information about the flood. They had travelled to South Asian from Middle East in boat with their family and other people because they knew how to built boat after the flood incident. The future descendants of Rama and Shiva had not seen BraHamma. BraHamma had already died and thought to be in heaven. However the Shiva and Vishnu taught descendant of ancestor worship. So they started worshipping Ham as BraHamma like people of Assyria, Babylon and Sumeria worshipped dead Nimrod and his wife as god.

The hindu text informs us about the death of Shiva and Vishnu (Rama). After their death, the descendant immortalized them as gods and started to build idols in their memory. Shiva and Rama(Vishnu) had been a very powerful ancestor who protected them from demons, wild animals and disasters. Shiva was able to subjugate even the demons and wild animals while Raama was great worrier, man of wisdom and understanding. Rama conquered a giant of Lanka, present day Sri Lanka with the help of apes by building bridge in the sea. Rama is portrayed to having aid from Shiva while battling with cruel giant named Ravana. The giant’s in those days were refered to as gods because they were very powerful but they were fond of human women. Ravana was a bad Nephilim(giant) with 10 heads and powers but Rama had assistance from another Nephilim(giant) called Hanuman who is apeman. After conquering the Nephilim king Raavan of Lanka, Rama became even more popular among his descendant.

Hence after death of Rama(Vishu) and Shiva(Seba) their descendants seeks their help through the means of ancestor worshipping processes such as meditation, yoga, prayers and hymns which actually was the process of worshipping the creator and protector of universe-One and only true God.

Later after their death, any brave man and prince that saved them from troubles from Nephilim were given title of god often in the form of incarnation of Vishnu and Shiva. They believed that their ancestors reborn to display their power to save them while the brave men made fools out of their kingsmen by saying they were incarnation of Shiva and Vishnu.

As time passed, the descendents of Shiva and Vishnu started to worship anyone who protected them as god and later started to worship nature in the form of god as well like that of their cousins in Egypt, Caanaan, Cush and Nimrod in the middle east.

Ancestor worshipping is done around the whole world today for the blessings by various people.

Till today Ham, Seba and Raamah is remembered by their descendants through various religious activities around the world. If anyone godlike person is born, the descendants of Seba and Raamah start worshipping the person as Shiva and Vishnu.

Vedic literature names Rama’s son as Luv and Kush. But in the Bible Cush is the father of Raama. Whereas Sheba and Dedan are son’s of Rama. Raamah named his one of son after his elder brother Seba(Shiva) because he had been with him during the struggle.

Sheba had allowed Raamah to stay with the descendants but he had gone to forest, hill and mountains to live a wild life after crowing Raama as prince and king of nations. He gave all his riches in the hands of Raama. Sheba(Shiva) was a powerful hunter and subdued animals and demons of the forest. He lived far away with nature dedicating his life to meditation and prayer. He wore tiger fur for clothing, tamed serpent to be his jewel around neck and carried trishuli. Shiva was tired of battle especially by assisting Nimrod and now with Rama he did not want to go war with Nephilim Ravan. Ravan had been friend of Shiva too.

Creatures like Ravan and Hanuman are refered to as Nephilim in the Bible. The Ramayana took place during the time when there were still some Nephilim alive even after the earthquake. Both Hanuman and Ravan had a flying skill. They could transform themselves.  Hanumana build a bridge for Raama towards the Sri Lankan island with other apeman Nephillim whose appearance in the Vedic scriptures are mentioned as frightening figures that looked like demons. So they were not killed in the flood during the time of Noah and son Ham, Shem and Japhet.

Hence people of that times worshipped Nephilims as god as well. The appearance of Nephalim’s were often human features with animals heads or body. They were half human and half animal but they were neither animals nor humans because they were very tall, strong with different capabilities. So people worshipped them as god. Today hindus worship Hanuman, Raavan, Ganesh and other creatures similar to them. Sri Lankans still worship Ravana as their god. There is a palace of Ravana in Sri Lanka that was burned by another Nephillim Hanumana-who copartnered with Raama to fight the war against powerful Ravana..

Hanuman along with his families helped Rama to construct bridge to Sri Lanka which has baffled the modern day scientist. Raavan had Bayuyan(flying chariot) and he is though to have genetically alter corn with rice

Bible tells there were Nephilim during the time of Noah and even after that time. God was angry enough to destroy all the humans and all the creatures. But there is no mention of GOD being angry with Nephilims. So the appearance of Nephilim after the flood proves that GOD had safeguarded the Nephilims. Genesis 6:4-7

In conclusion Brhamma, Shiva, Vishnu(Rama) is actually ancestors of people in South Asia especially in India than the GOD. Their ancestor BraHama(Ham) actually knew the creator and GOD but he committed sin and was cursed by his father Noah.

The curse had an effect on all the son’s of Ham because Ham had observed the nakedness of Noah.

In Hindu philosophy BraHama(Ham) figuratively has four heads.

He was capable of seeing everywhere and he tried to influence his brother Shem and Japheth but they covered the nakedness of their father with the cloth carrying it across their shoulders walking in backward direction. They did not see the nakedness of their father-Genesis 9:20-27.

Noah’s Flood

It was due to the language explosion that the flood story of was told in several languages without including the incidence of Nimrod in Hindu Scriptures. Nimrod was not important to his brothers Seba(Shiva) and Raamah(Rama/Vishnu). Whereas Nimrod is celebrated in the text of Sumerians, Babylonians and Bible, proves that Nimrod is even more prominent than Shiva(Seba), Raama/Vishnu(Rama) and BraHamma(Ham).

The flood story is retold in Hindu Scriptures, Bible, Sumerain Text, Greek Text, Babylonian text, Mayan Texts, Chinese Texts, North American Texts with different languages and norms and the story differs due to the oral traditional stories when rewritten were distorted by the writers of each continent and historical eras.

But as some of the Chracters in Hindu texts and Bible are similar, it would not be doubt that Hindi scriptures have been trying the emulate the original stories retold by Bible, Sumerian and Babylonian texts. Hindu religious texts have some missing links with Noah’s name  Sanskritized to Manu, and Noah’s three son’s names Ham, Shem and Yaphet Sanskritized to Charma, Sharma and Yapeti names.

The boat came to rest in Mount Ararat in Bible, Babylonian and Sumerian texts but Hindu Scripture alone claims that boat rested in Mount Malaya.  By the way where is this Mount Malaya?


The fact that Sanskrit has 330 millions GOD can be suggested that they tried to incorporate the Father, Son and Spirit concept in the scriptures by Sanskritizing BarHamma, Vishu and Shiva which actually are their ancestor mentioned in the Bible Ham, Seba and Raamah(Ram/Vishnu)

Since the Bible gives the origination of the language and the Character such as Nimrod matches with Bablylonican texts, Book of Jubilees, Book of rolls in Arab among many others, Hindu scriptures lack the history of Nimrod, but they have only his Father(Cush),  Ham, Seba, Rammah Sansrikitzed as some of the characters in Hindi Scriptures.

Christ and Krishna

Almost all the scripture tend to wait for the Son of GOD to deliver them. During the time of language explosion and scattering of people around the world the virgin birth of Son of GOD for redeeming humans got widely circulated, due to the prophecy proclaimed by prophets before the flood and even after the flood of Noah(Manu).

Hindu’s have longstanding tradition of attributing any godly man, miracle worker, warriors, princes and kings as son of god. Due to this tradition they still consider Krishna as the Messiah, the chose on of GOD and Son of GOD.Muslim’s mistake Mohammad for Messiah, because he preached about Allah. Both Krishna is said to have virgin birth, but how can a mother who has already given birth to several children be virgin at all. Krishna was a warrior, he killed, he fought battles but in his later life, his own subjects turned against him and he resorted to the forest to be killed by a hunter’s arrow in a feet like that of Achilles of Greeks who boasts of virgin birth and son of god as well. Hindu’s still give importance to giving birth to son, in a hope of having Son of GOD who can deliver heavens and in a process female children have been despised ever since.They believe only son can take them to heaven. It was true but Hindu’s practiced it without full knowledge about the actual Son of GOD the ultimate Messiah who would bring redemption to mankind.

Messiah wasn’t about human’s seed.Messiah is all about having birth in best possible way where human’s sin’s can’t pass on Son of GOD. Hence Messiah is the result of birth without involvement of ovary and sperm, but still having birth out of woman’s womb. Messiah has no part of both ovary and sperm. Hence, Messiah is holy and apart from sin.

Whereas in Hebrew Bible Texts, every sign of Messiah has been fulfilled on in Jesus Christ of Israel.Messiah had to come from Middle East through a pure virgin birth. He had to do miracles, signs and wonders, be mocked by people and given for punishment for the sins of the humans, die, bury and raised on third day and then ascend to heaven. These signs have been found fulfilled only in the case of Christ. Besides that there had to be a prophet to preach about Christ, when Christ was born. Prophet John the Baptist, clearly stated that Jesus Christ was the Messiah and Son of God.John the Baptist clearly told his disciples to follow Christ in-order to reach the Heavenly places and have salvation from this evil world.  Beside that Christ has said, “Everyone that has come before me as son of GOD are thief and destroyer.” and of future people that claims to be Messiah, Jesus warned “If anyone says here, there and in the deserts is the Messiah, don’t believe them, many will come in my name but don’t believe them.” According to Jesus Christ, He is the Messiah, Son of GOD and all the other’s who boast of being son of god are just false, thieves, destroyers and murderers.

Sorry, Had Just Made a Mistake

If you go and read some of the genealogy mentioned in my writing you should be able to find a mistake. I have found one mistake which is a huge mistake and I really want to say sorry for giving you wrong information and I would not want to correct that mistake written above.My incident alone should remind you that even if I went to Bible, Sumerian text and Vedic scriptures to write this article I tend to make a mistake. That should warn you how much mistake Vedic writers have made while rewriting about their ancestor gods BraHamma(Ham), Vishnu(Raamah) and Shiva(Sheba)

Now let me write it correctly the geneology of Noah(Manu)father of Ham(BraHamma) father of Cush(Kush)father of Seba(Shiva) and Raamah(Rama/Vishnu)

Noah was the father of Shem(Sharma),Ham(CHarma/BraHamma) and Yapheth(Yapeti)

The sons of Ham(BraHamma): Cush(Kush), Egypt, Putan and Canaan

The Sons of Cush(Kush): Seba(Shiva), Havilah, Satah, Raamah(Ramah)

The Sons of Ramaah(Rama/Visnhu)

Sheba and Dedan


Cast mountain to ocean!!!!!HOW?

“TrulyI tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.(Mark 11:23)

In Nepal there was a massive landslides in one of its district Sindhupalchok where two big hills faced the slides together. Between the hills was a river called Sunkoshi River.

On searching the causes of the landslides by the geographic engineers it was discovered that

1: The hills had been weak due to the holes made by the various burrowing animals such as snakes, rabbits, foxes and the water forces.  

2:  The continuous heavy rainfall weaken the hills due to moisture.

3: The overflow of the Sunkoshi river caused the weakening of hills on their bases. 

All the above reasons were GOD’s way of dealing with the massive hills.

This proves there is nothing impossible for GOD and he can move mountains in a way that pleases HIM according to HIS method.  

One of the ways he rejoices in removing the troubling mountains is through faith and prayer.The faith that pleases GOD to a degree that mountains be cast out into the ocean. 

It is sure there must be lot of mountains and hills near the circumference of Galilee Sea and Red Sea at the time of Jesus. Jesus made clear to disciples that GOD is pleased to see faith heroes who can have control over nature too.

It is not that our faith move mountains but our faith pleases GOD to be in action to remove the mountains which can either be life’s difficult moments or the real mountains seen in the rural and city scapes. 

Your Life……a 30 seconds article

Seth also had a son, and he named him Enos. At that time people began to call on the name of the LORD. (Genesis 4:26)

That’s 100% true. Life is a journey. Where you got started? You must be able to return there in perfect harmony with the supreme CREATOR. If we can’t make it, that is the greatest failure no matter who we are: rich,famous,poor, religious. Can we make it back to where we originated from???

Every one sins, so we can’t judge. Belief should be genuine. If it is true and genuine we can’t change the truth. Like earth revolves around the sun. This is true belief and fact.
We are mere humans, scientists too. Moreover instruments are weak than the inventor. How ever there are many things besides hell that science cannot prove like Bermuda triangles mystery. Science even cannot exactly know who my great grand father was!!!!

Yes religion is man-made. But don’t forget friend it is the oldest science of the world once which may or may not be true but was highly revered and practiced and priests were higher ranked than the kings of the nations. Yes everyone has an ego i.e Edging GOD Out. You want to be yourself but in reality what we don’t know is that divinity is there within us that teach us the exact correct ways of life. But ego turns them to rebel that original self that we have. Hence trying to produce false self out of deep ego i.e Edging GOD Out.

No,this is not a debate! I am telling you my experience and truth I have discovered because what I saw in the world was that if I can convince any person: poor,rich,famous,depressed guy that he is not alone and there is always one person beside them who can understand them more than anyone then I can change their lives drastically.

 As has just been said: “Today, if you hear HIS voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.” (Hebrews 3:15)